About Us

We Believe in the Power of You and Your Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of America. They make up more than 95% of all businesses in the U.S. and more than 63% of jobs are supplied by small businesses. But, after the mortgage crisis of 2007, many of the financial programs that small businesses relied on for their operating capital were no longer available. Small Business financial programs that traditional banks were offering, simply went away, leaving many small business owners struggling to find the easy business loans they needed to operate, grow and take advantage of business opportunities.

With over 30 years of combined financial management and business ownership experience, we formed iBank Corp. to provide new lending models that offered simple and effective financial lending solutions to address the working capital needs of small business owners, just like you.

At iBank Corp. we provide the financial tools you need to grow a thriving business.

We believe you know your small business better than anyone else and that you are the best judge of the use of your funds.

We believe that small businesses need easy access to capital in order to thrive, take advantage of opportunities, get through the rough spots and grow.

We believe that you are not your credit score and that good ideas sometimes take a little while to become great business concepts.

We believe that there is not a one size fits all package for businesses when it comes to financing and that your particular needs are unique.

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and we never push products.

Our financial recommendations are based on years of combined financial advisement training and experience throughout our team.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to helping you understand your best options, and finding the right financial solutions for you, based on your unique business financial snapshot and your goals.

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