small business loan to meet holiday demands

A Small Business Loan To Meet Holiday Demands

For your business to be competitive you’ll need access to additional cash this holiday season. A small business loan can provide the cash infusion your business will need to end the year right. Your retail store, service business or even B2B business may need access to additional funds to make sure you have the most profitable fourth quarter possible. Businesses that use a strategic business loan to access cash, and prepare in advance, can ensure a great deal of financial benefit from the holiday season that will more than compensate for the cost of this short-term loan. Businesses without extra operating capital probably won’t go under, but you may not reap the benefits of a strong holiday season without quick access to funds.

The Holidays Move Fast

The holidays are upon us and are gone before you know it. Yet this last quarter can make or break your business for the entire year. Plan as you may, it’s hard to predict just how much inventory you’ll need to get through the season, how much staff and how many overtime hours. Your business can face unexpected expense that can through your budget off track. Businesses need the ability to make decisions quickly, especially in the fast-paced holiday season. Your buying decisions can ultimately determine whether your business has a successful holiday season or not. Here are just some of the reasons your business might need access to additional cash this holiday season. Consider a small business loan.

Your Capital Should Be Ready For the Unexpected

Holiday Staff

Most businesses need to hire additional staff to meet holiday demand, but it doesn’t just apply to retail. Manufacturers and suppliers may need extra staff on hand to fill last minute orders for unexpected retail demands for the surprise holiday favorites.


Temporary holiday help will need training that can create a need for additional overtime hours of your permanent staff as your seasoned staff puts in the over-time to train the new staff members or cover positions with more technical expertise.

Extra Inventory

If you have been in retail for awhile, you know that fully stocked shelves are the key to success when demand hits. Predicting which items will be the hit this season can be a crap-shoot. Buying too much inventory upfront of items that don’t sell can be just as hard on your business as not purchasing enough of the items that do. Therefore, it’s important you have cash available for last minute buying decisions.


Your cost of maintenance and repairs can run more than expected during the holidays. A busy retail store can mean a messy one as shoppers comb through your inventory searching for the right gifts. Staff and equipment for maintenance that keeps your store running smoothly during the holidays can mean the difference between chaos and smooth success.

The Unexpected

A Small Business Loan to Meet Cash Demands

It’s easy to advise you to make sure to have additional cash on hand for the holidays, it’s another to know where it is coming from. If you are like most businesses, you have probably already taken into consideration many of the cash-gobbling expenses mentioned above that can come up this holiday season. If your holiday retail preparations have already left you a little cash poor and in eager anticipation of sales to come you may need a backup plan for more cash. A small business loan may be just the answer for you.

Be prepared for last minutes expenditures with a Cash Line of Credit from iBank Corp. Applying for a small business loan is quick and easy with little paperwork and cash can be transferred to your account in as little as 72 hours. The best part about it is, you don’t have to have perfect credit to qualify. Three months of your business bank statements that show healthy regular deposits into your account can be enough for our lending partners to give the transfer approval from $20,000 to $500,000. Don’t wait until the holiday rush is upon you. Apply for a line of credit now and access it when you need it. Loan Advisors ready to help. call 877-302-2170

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