Your Company’s Corporate Culture is the Personality of Your Business.

Corporate Culture includes the work environment, company mission, attitudes of the employees, their values, ethics, expectations, and goals. It also drives the way staff members to communicate with each other, customers and the public. Corporate culture dictates how employees treat each other and how happy they are in the workplace. If you haven’t spent much time thinking about your company culture and it’s importance, think again. The most promising recruits say company culture is a huge deciding factor when considering employment offers. Many rank company culture higher than income.

Companies who have not taken the time to think about their corporate culture often informally adopt the attitudes of the company leaders as acceptable behaviors and those attitudes become the unwritten rules. But companies who have taken the time to think about company culture and use it strategically can see huge benefits. These benefits include improved employee attitudes and improved public persona, but also creativity and profitability.

A Corporate Culture of Giving

One corporate culture that stands out as a positive one, if the company culture of giving. This includes giving outside of the organization as well as inside. When you cultivate an environment of giving your staff feels it. It comes in the form of respecting individuals, their needs, and contributions and rewarding them with compassion. Internal giving can come in different forms. Giving can be monetary with competitive pay and benefits, but it can also be the giving of time and compassion. The monetary giving is pretty simple to understand and there are lots of articles that discuss creative compensation strategies, so I will defer to this article and instead will focus on the giving of time and compassion to your employees and how they can help your bottom line.

Flex Time Can Increase Productivity

More and more, people are realizing that they don’t want to be a slave to their jobs. Talented people are willing to invest a great deal of time into your company if they believe that they won’t have to sacrifice everything from their personal life. Some of the basic advantages and costs to paid time off are clear.
Another example of employer-sponsored time off is maternal and paternal leave. They are becoming popular perks for young talent looking to grow a career along with a family. The time of women choosing between family and career have passed and women want both. Men have realized the sacrifices and mistakes of their forefathers and value the importance of involvement with parenting. Paternal leave after a birth can be a temporary strain on a company but the benefits to an employee of being able to spend key time with a newborn child can pay back in dividends to a company. The ROI comes in the form of attracting the best talent in the industry, and in having an engaged and happy workforce.
What corporate culture has your organization embraced for giving back to your employees?

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