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A Revolving Line of Credit is one of our Easy Business Loans

If you find yourself looking for Fast Small Business Loans, a Revolving Line of Credit just may be the answer.


  • Easy Access to Operating Capital

    A Revolving Line of Credit provides you with the most important tool in your business, access to the operating capital you need, when you need it.

  • High Approval Rates

    Our high approval rates on our small business working capital loans or Revolving Line of Credit Loans are due to our close relationships with large numbers of investors, partners and alternative lenders that are much more willing to lend than traditional banks. These are easy business loans without a mountain of paperwork.

  • Easy Account Verification

    Applying for a Revolving Line of Credit or small business working capital loan couldn’t be easier. Verify your account information online in as little as 15 minutes. Minimal documentation required and electronic signing available. You can apply in minutes making this one of our Easy Business Loans.

  • Low FICO? No Problem

    Unlike traditional banks, we base your ability to repay your revolving line of credit based on the strength of your cashflow instead of just your FICO score. Although a high FICO can help, a low FICO shouldn’t prevent you from getting the operating capital you need.

  • Quick Approval

    You’ll receive a decision on your small business working capital loan within 24 hours.

  • Fast Funding

    A Revolving Line of Credit is one of our unsecured small business loans and can fund in as little as 48 hours from approval. Now those are fast small business loans!

  • No Pre-Payment Penalties

    These are easy business loans, so you can pay off your revolving line of credit as soon as you like without any pre-payment penalties.

  • All Credit Profiles Accepted

    We can offer you a small business working capital loan, revolving line of credit, even if you have tax liens or a bankruptcy that is older than a year.

  • Dedicated Financial Specialist

    You’ll have immediate access to our friendly and knowledgable staff and a dedicated financial specialist that will answer all of your questions on easy business loans including a revolving line of credit and keep your funding on track until it closes.

  • Always Secure

    Your privacy and security is always our number one priority.

Easy Steps to a Revolving Line of Credit

  • Step 1: Quick Pre-Qualify

    Find out in minutes if you pre-qualify for any of our easy business loans before you fill out our quick ap. With over a hundred lending relationships, qualifying for a revolving line of credit is easier than you might think.

  • Step 2: Easy Online Application

    For those who pre-qualify, we’ll need a little more information to recommend the best financing for you. Our fast small business loans application process is easy and takes only about 15 minutes.

  • Step 3: Receive Decision

    You’ll receive a decision on your revolving line of credit in less than 24 hours. Your dedicated account representative will go over all the terms with you so you can determine if the financing is right for you.

  • Final Step: Funding

    For your revolving line of credit you can sign documents electronically and receive your funds directly to your business checking account within 48 hours.

I had no idea I could get cash for my business this fast. Why did I wait so long?!

Sarah Gilligan Sarah Gilligan
Gilligan Industries.

When a Revolving Line of Credit is Right For You...

When You Have to Have the Money Now!

This is our fastest funding program for quick business loans. Our Revolving Line of Credit or Working Capital Business loans provide you with the cash you need in record speed, deposited directly into your business checking account in as little as 48 hours.

When You Have Less Than Good Credit 

Fast business loans bad credit? We get it! Business ownership can be a bumpy road and things happen. If your credit isn't as good as your cash flow or you have a bankruptcy in your past, then our easy business loans and revolving line of credit might be for you. While your bankruptcy needs to be at least a year old, we have investors who understand that just because your FICO may be less than desirable, it doesn't mean your business is.

When Your Cash Flow is Healthier Than Your Month End Bank Balance

It takes money to make money as they say, and lots of healthy businesses are constantly reinvesting revenue back into their business as they grow. Take advantage of opportunities as they arise with a revolving line of credit and be able to make smart capital investments into your business. If you have a healthy number of monthly deposits into your account each month, this might be the perfect small business financing for you.

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